How FAST Works

The FAST Program is a free service that helps new immigrants to launch their careers in Canada through self-paced, online employment preparation and competency assessment tools that have been developed in partnership with employers.

The latest iteration of the program, FAST Seniors Care, focuses on seniors’ care and living occupations. It is ideal for pre-approved or landed immigrants to Canada, with two years of work experience and/or relevant training.

Upon completing the program, participants receive an assessment report that shows how their skills and competencies measure up against those required to work in their desired occupation in Canada, along with gap training opportunities if they score below the industry threshold for employment.

How FAST works for immigrants

1. Registration

Take a few minutes to check your eligibility below and register for FAST for free. Once approved, your welcome email will direct you to your FAST account and your sector-specific stream to get started. 

2. Complete FAST in one of six streams 

Your online employment preparation will consist of:

  • Learning modules: Preparing for Work in Canada, Indigenous History, and Preparing for Work in Seniors' Care
  • Assessment module: essential skills, workplace competencies, and/or technical skills assessments in your chosen occupation

3. Receive a Certificate of Completion and a FAST assessment report 

  • Get directed to further learning and gap training opportunities to advance in your career.

4. Mentoring and networking

  • Register for group e-mentoring and online networking.
  • Get referrals to local networking resources.

5. Job search and support

  • Receive free access to a simulated job interview tool. 
  • Get referrals to job search services through partner organizations.

Eligibility checklist

You are eligible for FAST Seniors Care if you:

  • have arrived in Canada with a permanent resident (PR) status,


  • were selected to become a permanent resident, and have received either of the following:
    • an invitation letter/Planning for Canada brochure from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, or
    • a medical notification letter, or
    • a visa pick-up notification letter, or
    • a visa, or
    • a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR),


  • are a convention refugee or protected person who has been selected for resettlement in Canada by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,


  • are able to communicate effectively at a Canadian workplace skill level.

See the occupations currently recruiting and coming soon, and register for FAST Seniors Care today to launch a meaningful career in seniors’ care and living!