About FAST Seniors Care

The FAST (Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent) Program helps immigrants to launch their careers in Canada through self-paced, online employment preparation and competency assessment tools developed in partnership with Canadian employers. 

FAST runs across six sector streams: skilled trades, IT and data services, culinary arts, biotech and life sciences, accounting and finance, and seniors' care.

FAST Seniors Care

FAST Seniors Care, the program’s latest iteration, was developed in partnership with BC Care Providers Association. It serves as a bridge between B.C. employers who need skilled talent and immigrants seeking to start their careers in the seniors’ care and living sector. 

If you are a pre-approved or landed immigrant to Canada, with two years of work experience and/or relevant training in the seniors’ care sector, start to leverage your previous work experience and education today – it’s free. 

If you are an employer looking for experienced, skilled talent who are already pre-assessed and qualified to work in Canada, click here to connect to FAST talent!

Program partners

The FAST Program services and resources are delivered by the Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia (IEC-BC), funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre. IEC-BC has partnered with BC Care Providers Association and its operating arm EngAge BC, and InSite to develop and deliver the program’s seniors’ care and living stream.


The Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) is a not-for-profit organization that provides employers in British Columbia with the solutions, tools, and resources they need to attract, hire, and retain qualified immigrant talent. We believe that the successful integration of skilled newcomers into the B.C. labour force is critical to both their success and the province’s long-term economic performance. We work with employers, government, and other partner stakeholders to ensure that B.C. employers can effectively integrate global talent

BC Care Providers Association / EngAge BC

Established in 1977, BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is the leading voice for British Columbia’s continuing care sector. Its growing membership base includes over 425 long-term care, assisted living, and commercial members from across B.C. Through its operating arm EngAge BC, the organization represents independent living and home health service providers.

Shift iQ 

Shift iQ is a Vancouver-based software development company specializing in event sourcing and responsive cloud-based business applications for vertical markets. The company has been building, branding, and delivering real-world cloud software for more than 20 years.


FAST Seniors Care is an online tool that provides immigrants with a series of industry-informed assessment questions to better understand how their international skills and work experience compare to the Canadian industry standard. FAST helps newcomers to pursue employment and training opportunities in British Columbia’s seniors’ care and living sector. For employers, FAST Seniors Care provides a pipeline of pre-assessed talent to tap into to meet growing labour needs

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